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Exterior Styling Interior Design 3D-Visualization


3D-Visualization and Animation

...makes it possible to create a photorealistic representation of designs long before the manufacturing processs has started.

Not every client is able to imagine how a final interior will look like from looking at an 2-dimensionallayout drawing. In virtual reality you would be able to present him a highly realistic visual representation of the future design. For instance, one can make a cutaway view to show all segments and the overall interior structure from birds view. Imagine the costs of such a procedure in real-life: cut your finished prototype in two halfes and take a photo...
yacht interior visualization renderingAnother possibility are renderings that show the interior as if you would be situated in it actually - including realistic representation of lighting and materials. It is quite easy to change sorts of wood, upholstery and the lighting arrangement. Doing such changes in real-life would take lots of time and money. Give your client the opportunity to judge his future environment as realistically as possible and let him explore possibilities forehand.

My aspiration is not only, to create a realistic representation, but an aesthetic one as well - the equal to a good photographic shot, only in virtual reality.
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3D Yacht Visualization